Total Mental Health.

The comprehensive mental health solution you can trust to make a difference to your organisation. Access to coaching, in-the-moment support, long-term counselling, advanced care team and wellbeing platfrom from the convenience of your device.

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What is Total Mental Health?

Mental Health Coaching

A dedicated Coach can help employees identify goals and put a plan in place for achieving those goals. This is an ongoing relationship meant to motivate and hold individuals accountable for reaching their milestones. Coaching is 100% virtual, allowing for greater flexibility.

Open-ended Therapy

In the instance an employee needs counselling, they can engage with our Psychologists and Psychotherapists virtually without the pressure of a session limit*. Employees can access a network of 1,000+ Counsellors across 36+ languages within 48 hours of a referral.

24/7 On Demand Support

24/7 in-the-moment support, via Phone, Chat, WhatsApp or SMS. This works just like an EAP, except all our calls are answered by an accredited counsellor.

Increase in mentally healthy employees after using Spectrum.Life Mental Health Services.

Return on Investment versus employees not receiving mental health support.

Decrease in employees reporting as severely distressed after using Spectrum.Life Mental Health Services.

Increase in productivity reported by Employees after using Spectrum.Life Mental Health Services.

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The Total Mental Health Experience

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    Mental Health Coaching

    Mental Health Coaching offers employees preventative care and makes mental health support more accessible to everyone.

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    Open Ended Mental Health Therapy

    Open-Ended and Unlimited Therapy based on need, not quotas. Access to our network of 1,000+ Counsellors within 48 hours of a referral.

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    24/7 Mental Health Support

    Reassurance that your Employees, Leaders and Managers can speak to a Qualified Counsellor anytime, 24/7, 365.

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    Advanced Mental Health Concierge

    Care and Support into Inpatient Facilities, and Referral to a Mental Heath Specialist & mental health occupational assessments.

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Benefits for Employers

  • Less than 1 in 4 people are getting the Mental Health support they need.
  • Waiting Lists for Mental Health services are routinely over 6 months and Mental Health issues are on the increase.
  • Peace of Mind ‘I know all my employees will be safe, even if they don’t talk to us about their problems’.
  • Employee are 76% more likely to join an organisation which has a clear commitment to mental health.