Bupa UK

23 May 2024

Bupa UK

About Bupa:

Company size: 24,000+ employees (Bupa Global, India and UK market unit)
Members: 3.5m UK insurance customers
Industry: Insurance and provision services
Headquarters: London, UK

With over 3.5m UK insurance customers in the UK, Bupa is a leading provider of health insurance and healthcare services, delivering its purpose to help people live longer, healthier, happier lives and make a better world. Having existed for over 75 years, Bupa has cemented its reputation for delivering high-quality healthcare solutions tailored to the diverse needs of its customers. From private medical insurance to care homes and dental services, Bupa’s comprehensive offerings prioritise value, ease of access, innovation, and compassionate care.

The Challenge

  • Bupa sought a dynamic partnership to unify Bupa-owned customer journeys seamlessly through a unified ‘one-app strategy’ to elevate customer engagement and user experience, delivering optimal care and value.
  • To enhance their customers’ digital experience, Bupa sought to accelerate its wellbeing offering through high-quality, engaging wellbeing content.
  • Bupa needed a partner to complement their clinicians and coaches with support from a diverse range of healthcare professionals, including GPs, nurses, physios, and mental health clinicians.
  • Bupa was seeking a reliable technical partner to focus on co-creation, aligning current solutions and roadmap strategies for a market-leading offering.

Spectrum.Life’s Understanding of the Bupa’s needs:

  • At Spectrum.Life, we go beyond being just a supplier; we are dedicated partners in ensuring seamless end-to-end Bupa-owned customer journeys.
  • For Bupa in the UK, our focus is on delivering a market-leading digital health offering, backed by efficient and effective digital health services, including an enhanced wellbeing experience, powered directly through the app.
  • Together, we are forging a path of innovation and collaboration to redefine the standards of healthcare delivery.

The Solution

  • Spectrum.Life is transforming Bupa’s digital landscape in the UK by unifying all digital journeys under one umbrella, offering enhanced experiences through the full spectrum of clinically assured care.
    Through three key workstreams – technology, content, and health & wellbeing – Spectrum.Life has revolutionized Bupa’s digital pathways.
    With Spectrum.Life, Bupa gains control over digital health customer journeys in the UK, enhancing flexibility and efficiency.


  1. Tech
    • Disconnected health journeys weaken the impact of preventive and digital health investments. Spectrum.Life addresses common challenges faced by insurers globally, such as disjointed digital experiences and data silos. Our full Spectrum service ensures seamless and smooth integration, simplifying digital health delivery.
      • MatchTech
        • Deliver the best possible health outcomes by streamlining customer journeys and accurately identifying personally recommended digital health service and clinician across multiple providers.
      • Virtual Primary Care Platform:
        • With Spectrum.Life’s solution, Bupa can take back control of digital health customer journeys and service delivery in the UK, enhancing flexibility and efficiency.
      • Integration/SDKs to offer a comprehensive solution:
        • A one app solution with co-design at the core:
          • Integrating an SDK wrapper into Bupa’s customer app unlocks many services and functionalities across the spectrum, ensuring a cohesive customer experience.
          • Our versatile SDK allows for quick integration and digital transformation.
            • Full configurability across UX and UI
            • Connect Legacy stack and multiple supplier systems
            • Plug and play future HealthTech and digital services
  2. Health and Wellbeing
    • A simple, yet disruptively different approach to digital health, mental health and wellbeing through our full stack solution: Our comprehensive solution provided Bupa with enhanced digital experiences and clinically assured care.
    • Flexible Delivery Model: Integration of Bupa clinicians, our clinicians, or best-in-market third-party clinicians into a single solution.
    • Empowering Partnership: Supporting Bupa Health Services with a connected digital-physical offering, aiding in-house service delivery, and aligning with Bupa’s digital roadmaps in the UK.
    • Integrated Service: Establishing a fully Bupa-branded Wellbeing and Virtual Primary Care service, prioritising continuous clinical IP development for streamlined pathways.
  3. Content Creation
    • Development and production of Bupa custom and branded content:
      • Digital gym, fitness classes, eLearning, meditation all integrated into BupaTouch ensuring the highest-quality delivery of evidence based, educational and highly engaging health and wellbeing content across a broad spectrum of wellbeing subject areas.

IMPACT – Delivered on Bupa’s digital transformation journey in the UK

  • Spectrum.Life played a crucial role in assisting Bupa’s transition of the Wellbeing and Virtual Personal Coaching Program (VPCP) within three (3) months, offering extensive support and cutting-edge solutions. Spectrum.Life’s dedication ensured a smooth and efficient migration process, enabling Bupa to quickly adjust to evolving requirements across the UK.
  • Spectrum.Life offers immediate access to personalised care, delivering a total of 10,000 appointments within the first 4 months across both Advanced Nurse Practitioner and Total Mental Health services.
  • With Spectrum.Life, the average wait time for a first available Advanced Nurse Practitioner appointment for employees is 24 hours, compared to the average waiting time for a routine GP appointment of up to 19 days* nationally.
  • NPS Score of +60 across Insurance customers.
  • Since December, our technology has facilitated nearly 90,000 Bupa customers in booking digital health appointments through Bupa Touch, leading to 130,000 appointments.
  • Over the past four (4) months, more than 19,000 Bupa customers have actively engaged with our Wellbeing content on Bupa Touch, resulting in over 71,000 visits.
  • Spectrum.Life helped Bupa to simplify their customer journeys, increase customer engagement, and manage costs with a partner primed with digital transformation pedigree.

Reference: Title: Routine GP appointment waiting times reduced by 47%: Pickering Medical Practice, North; Website: NHS England; URL: https://www.england.nhs.uk/gp/case-studies/routine-gp-appointment-waiting-times-reduced-by-47-pickering-medical-practice-north/