What we do

We provide clinical services and tech infrastructure for immediate, direct access to a full spectrum of personalised care.

Engage, empower and transform. Go beyond a one-size-fits-all approach to wellbeing by providing clinically backed care that’s fit for the full spectrum of life.

Clinically assured care.

Provide clinically assured care, with certainty. We’re here, whenever and however your people want to access professional health and wellbeing support.

Clinically assured care.
Superior clinical standards

Building on NICE guidelines, our experienced clinical team champions gold standards through continued development.

24/7 service access

Clinical care through voice or video, text or instant messaging. Spectrum.Life is here 24/7, so your people can access the clinically backed services they need.

Integrated care records

A care platform with united care records and smart recommendation engine that provides the best level of care for your people.

Better digital experiences.

Digital experiences that engage, empower and transform. Enhance your brand and change the lives of the people you serve with our connected care platform.

Better digital experiences.
Co-create and integrate

Innovate your offering with transformative healthtech. Through co-creation or out-of-the-box seamless integration, our solutions are ready as soon as you are.

Reduce digital fragmentation

Put a personal care team in the pockets of your people, with an accessible, engaging and valuable care platform they can actually connect with.

Personalise with purpose

Serve each and every member, employee or student with health and wellbeing services that meet diverse individual needs and experiences.

Your full spectrum care platform for customisable health services.

Provide full spectrum care for members, employees and students - all in one place - through your own personalised engagement platform.


A whole-of-health partner for members at work, at home, or wherever your cover takes them.

Insurer solutions


Clinically backed, instantly accessible personalised care that’s as individual as your people.

Workplace solutions


Clinically backed, instantly accessible inclusive care that’s as individual as your students.

Education solutions

Healthtech delivery, at pace.

With Spectrum.Life you’ll be able to decrease digital fragmentation and provide integrated care for your people through innovation, at pace.

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