Digital transformation

We recognise the critical role of digital transformation in revolutionising healthcare. Leveraging the power of SDK wrappers, Spectrum.Life’s AI-powered team enables insurers to achieve full-scale digital evolution in record time, outpacing internal development timelines.

SDK technology that overcomes challenges for global insurers. Streamline disjointed web and app experiences, reduce data silos, and remove complexities in digital health service integration.

Unlock the power of SDK integration to enhance member experience.

Integrating an SDK wrapper into the health insurance member app unlocks many services and functionalities for insurers and members. Through this integration, insurers can leverage various partner technologies seamlessly, ensuring a cohesive experience within their app.

Video capability and digital health AI assistants

Offering interactive and personalised assistance to members through video calls, AI-driven assistants, and instant messaging.

Self-pay, symptom checkers, digital health booking journeys

Empowering members to manage their health journey efficiently by facilitating self-pay options, symptom checking and booking appointments for various health services.

Patient portals, including health and wellbeing content

Providing members with access to their health records, educational content, and resources for maintaining overall wellbeing.

Customisation and integration capabilities.

SDKs offer granular customisation layers tailored for the insurance industry, ensuring a seamless integration experience.

Single Sign-On (SSO) and eligibility verification

Streamlining access for members and ensuring data security.

Custom user interface

Aligning the user interface with partnership branding and providing a consistent experience.

Personalised communications

Enhancing member engagement through tailored email communications.

Sophisticated payment processing

Facilitating seamless payment and co-payment processing within the app.