Full spectrum care for your workplace.

We deliver digitally powered health and wellbeing services that engage, empower and transform employees’ lives.


Supporting all of your people to thrive. Clinically backed, instantly accessible care that’s as individual as your people.

Personalised health and wellbeing content to enhance employee engagement and satisfaction.

Empower your workforce to make informed decisions about their health, leading to improved wellbeing and productivity.

Access to resources and care enabling employees to take control of their health and wellbeing.

Provide your workforce with the appropriate care when they need it to create healthier, more engaged employees.

Connected digital health services to provide employees with a supportive environment.

Enhance the lives of your workforce with impactful health and wellbeing programmes leveraging a diverse network of clinicians.

Your full spectrum care platform.

Book and promote wellbeing activities and engaging digital experiences for your organisation. With access to 1000s of qualified and experienced professionals you can manage your health and wellbeing strategy in one place, from internal communications to effective reporting.

Mental health, digital health and wellbeing solutions for employees.

Our modern employee supports enable you to create a workplace wellbeing programme that truly impacts the health of your business. Going beyond traditional EAP, our full spectrum care means happier, healthier team members who can thrive across the full spectrum of life.

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Wellbeing Essentials

Wellbeing Essentials

The foundations of health and wellbeing support.

Engage your digitally connected workforce with health and wellbeing. Benefit from eLearning, live programming and lifestyle content.

Mental Health Plus

Mental Health Plus

A care team in your people's pocket.

Provide a care team to deliver short-term therapy and guide employees right through to long-term counselling and in-patient care.

Total Mental Health

Total Mental Health

Complete mental health coverage for every situation.

Equip your organisation with a continuous mental health solution with lifestyle coaching and open-ended therapy.

Wellbeing Essentials

The foundations of health and wellbeing support.

Mental Health Plus

A care team in your people's pocket.

Total Mental Health

Complete mental health coverage for every situation.

Instant access to clinical support via phone, WhatsApp, SMS and live chat

Qualified & Accredited Counsellors

Single Session Model with triage, referrals or escalations

Critical Incident Support Management (CISM)- Onsite & Remote

Referral to ancillary services including legal, financial, career support and more

Short-term counselling (35+languages) and Silvercloud iCBT for mild to moderate cases

Counselling Sessions from our Diverse Counsellor Network

Up to 8 sessions per issue

Up to 12 sessions per issue

No session caps

High intensity CBT and psychotherapy for difficulties that require long term support

Available as an add on

Starter allocation with option
to add more

Branded wellbeing platform and app

1000+ shopping discounts

250+ hours of eLearning on topics including mental health, lifestyle, fitness,
nutrition and more

Digital gym and wellbeing series, live and on-demand

Advanced Care Team to bridge the gap between complex
and long-term care.

Unlimited lifestyle coaching

In-Depth MI reporting (Utilisation, Clinical Outcomes)

Account management support

Self-serve reporting

Every event covered, onsite and online.
Our hybrid approach to employee health and wellbeing.

Address the diverse and comprehensive needs of employees by offering both onsite and online support. Our co-designed offering covers employee health and wellbeing that integrates physical, mental, and emotional health support into a cohesive strategy.

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Support that builds positive people and workplaces.

Whether it’s moving with purpose in our digital gym, or strategies to complement high performance at work, let your people choose from ample services to thrive.

Diverse support for every organisation.

Spectrum.Life partners with large organisations in the UK, Ireland and internationally. For organisations looking to go beyond a multi-provider approach to the health and wellbeing of their people, we provide clinically assured all-in-one care.

A revolutionary support to Sodexo’s 30,000 employees in the UK and Ireland. By integrating support into daily routines through 'safety moments' and innovative outreach, our partnership ensures all Sodexo employees - whether office-based, remote, or non-desk - feel supported and empowered to manage their mental health and wellbeing effectively.

A first of it's kind offering for the creative community across Ireland. With Minding Creative Minds, we designed a nationwide 24/7 counselling support programme. In doing so we made mental health support accessible to a stakeholder group who has been historically disenfranchised.

Mental health and wellbeing outcomes that matter.

Spectrum.Life’s services support people so they can live well and work well.

Decrease in employees reporting as severely distressed after using our mental health services.

90 %

Increase in productivity reported by employees after using our mental health services.

43 %