Full spectrum care for education.

Spectrum.Life enables access to digitally powered health and wellbeing services that engage, empower and transform the lives of students and staff in your college or university.


A Whole University Approach to wellbeing. Clinically backed, instantly accessible inclusive care that’s as unique as your campus community.

Foster a sense of community and support.

Enable a positive campus environment to reduce feelings of isolation and anxiety among students and staff.

Promote the development of essential skills.

Support your community in navigating the complexities of the modern world so they can thrive in academic and professional settings.

Create inclusive educational and workplace environments.

Unlock the full potential of every student and staff member, leading to a richer, more innovative, and inclusive campus community.

Your full spectrum care platform.

The health of your college or university is covered with a dedicated, personalised care platform. Engaging experiences support students navigating relationships, academics and university transitions, providing them with the care they need, when they need it.

Mental health, digital health and wellbeing solutions for students.

We provide modern mental health and wellbeing support, enabling you to create impactful, customised solutions for your college or university. Tailored to your needs. we offer 24/7 real-time support, overflow services, after-hours care, high intensity and onsite counselling.

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Student Wellbeing Essentials

Student Wellbeing Essentials

On-demand resources to thrive.

The perfect fit for out of hours support, with student direct referral accessed through their digital devices.

Student Mental Health Plus

Student Mental Health Plus

Counselling in an instant.

Provide short-term counselling and direct referral options for mental health support.

Student Enhanced Coverage

Student Enhanced Coverage

Comprehensive care for a vibrant life.

When short-term therapy isn't enough, give students the best clinical supports available.

Student Wellbeing Essentials

On-demand resources to thrive.

Student Mental Health Plus

Counselling in an instant.

Student Enhanced Coverage

Comprehensive care for a vibrant life.

Instant access through phone, WhatsApp, SMS and live chat

Qualified & accredited counsellors

Single Session Model with triage, referrals or escalations

Risk management and safeguarding protocols

Branded wellbeing platform and app

1000+ shopping discounts

250+ hours of eLearning on topics including mental health, lifestyle, fitness,
nutrition and more

Digital gym and wellbeing series, live and on-demand

Counselling and psychotherapy + Silvercloud iCBT for mild to moderate cases

Up to 6 sessions per issue

Up to 8 sessions per issue

Clinical Best Match approach

Diverse counsellor network across 35+ languages

High intensity CBT and psychotherapy for difficulties that require long term support

Available as an add on

Available as an add on

Available as an add on

Standardised clinical reporting including engagement,
risk and discharge

Dedicated account management

Clinical leadership team access

Complete wellbeing across campus. Every event covered, onsite
and online.

A co-designed whole university approach to health and wellbeing supporting colleges and universities to deliver on their duty of care to students and staff. A mix of 24/7 clinical support, onsite counseling and advanced digital capabilities creates the foundations of a strong health and wellbeing programme. We can enhance these foundational services with mental health coaching, neurodiversity assessments, concierge services, and more.

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Supporting university staff to thrive. Health and wellbeing for education employers.

Spectrum.Life knows the wellbeing of your campus isn’t solely down to the health of your students. If you’re an academic institution looking for workplace health and wellbeing services that will engage, empower and transform your people, partner with us.

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Full spectrum service, designed for smooth integration.

Our data-driven solutions ensure students feel heard and supported, integrating advanced self-management tools and comprehensive care into one streamlined platform, all while optimising costs and maximising the use of internal resources.

Diverse support for every individual.

Spectrum.Life partners with 60+ universities in the UK and Ireland. Through all-in-one healthtech, we’re engaging and empowering over 650,000 students with support that transforms health and wellbeing.

The in-the-moment support that Spectrum.Life offers has been invaluable. Students really value accessibility of emotional and mental health services, and the inclusivity of being able to access them on their terms by methods they choose, Drew Linforth, Assistant Director of Student Services. The online offering became the focus of destigmatisation because of its accessibility.

Transforming students' access to mental health supports. Spectrum.Life's always-on in-the-moment support and digital counselling sessions gives students flexibility around their busy academic and personal schedules, encouraging them to put their mental health first, in a space they feel most comfortable in.

Destigmatising mental health for students beyond the campus. 24/7 in-the-moment support means students have someone to talk to whether they are studying on campus, on erasmus abroad, or studying from home. Spectrum.Life is breaking down barriers to mental health support for students, no matter the time or place.

Supporting satisfied students to live full spectrum lives.

Unlimited 24/7 access to digital experiences that enrich life on campus, in halls or at home, with Spectrum.Life.

Rate their Spectrum.Life experience as ‘good’ or ‘very good’

98 %

Increase in those reporting as healthy

40 x