Onsite services

Our onsite services create a supportive environment that promotes the health and wellness of employees, fostering a positive and productive workplace culture.

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A culture of wellbeing, from within. Spectrum.Life onsite wellbeing services help you to build a happy and healthy organisation, where people can thrive.

Onsite services that make a difference.

Mental Health Promotion Officer (MHPO)

Create a supportive environment, reducing stress and improving overall mental health among employees. The MHPO utilises available engagement data to understand an organisation’s mental health profile, then design employer mental health and wellbeing initiatives.

Health Promotion Specialist (HPS)

Enhance the overall health literacy of employees, encouraging healthier lifestyle choices and reducing the risk of chronic disease. Focused on physical health, the HPS works onsite to deliver health programmes, workshops and seminars.

Gym management

Promote physical health, reduce stress and improve employee morale and productivity. Gym Managers deliver your branded onsite corporate fitness and wellbeing services via fully equipped facilities, fitness classes and personalised fitness plans.

Onsite mental health

Provide a complementary approach to mental health service delivery, ensuring employees have access to the support they need when they need it. Our onsite team can support with counselling and therapy, mental health workshops, support groups and crisis intervention.