Accessible and effective counselling journeys for employees.

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A pathway to diverse counselling. Spectrum.Life provides clinically backed help for employees, across a full spectrum of issues.

Globally-recognised assessments.

We use globally recognised assessments like CORE-10 and PHQ-9 to determine an employee’s underlying struggles and recommend the best care pathway.

Enhanced mental and emotional wellbeing

Reduce stress and anxiety, giving your people the foundation they need to achieve greater emotional stability.

Improved productivity and engagement

Happy team members are more engaged and focused enabling them to achieve better results for their organisation.



Cultivate stronger connections

When your people feel their best they create vibrant work environments, and teams geared to grow together.

Looking into the future

Counselling empowers people to take care of their minds and bodies, reducing future health risks and sustaining their ability to thrive.

Diverse practitioner network.

Full spectrum communication

Our clinicians provide support in over 36 languages. They represent diverse expertise, varied backgrounds, ethnicities and identifying factors. The accessibility and inclusivity of the support offered enables employees to speak with someone they’re most comfortable with.

High-intensity Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT).

Flexible delivery model

Both face-to-face and virtual counselling options add another layer of accessibility, allowing employees to choose the method that best suits their comfort level and schedule. For more complex challenges, the pathway to long-term interventions and specialised resources ensures employees are supported into the necessary service.