Get seamless access to detailed population data and customisable workflows, enabling you to effectively monitor and enhance student and staff wellbeing.

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Spectrum.Life supports campus success. Our detailed reporting helps education providers meet regulatory requirements, improve transparency and make informed decisions.

Standard reporting.


Detailed tracking enables you to monitor the number and types of referrals made for mental health and wellbeing services, giving you the information to analyse and
identify key areas of need.


Track engagement levels with various wellbeing programme and service initiatives. Measure participation rates in counselling sessions, workshops and other campus


Monitor progress and assess the impact of interventions to determine their effectiveness. Track key indicators like improved mental health, academic
performance and retention rates.

Customised workflows.

Regulatory compliance

Comply with relevant regulations and standards, like GDPR, FERPA and local data protection laws. We also maintain comprehensive audit trails to demonstrate compliance and facilitate regulatory reviews.

Internal requirements

Develop customised reports to meet the specific needs and preferences of your
institution. Ensure timely data collection and analysis for seamless data exchange
and enhanced decision-making.