Digital wellbeing.

Spectrum.Life champions prevention through education and accessibility support. Our whole-of-health engagement platform is designed to promote accessibility, self-care and coping strategies – a personalised support team in your pocket.

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A platform with an array of resources. Strengthen the health and wellbeing journey of your entire campus – from diverse and inclusive expert-led content on behavioural health and wellbeing, to tailored mental health support.

Full spectrum digital wellbeing.

Community engagement

Foster a sense of community with engaging challenges and leaderboards to motivate and connect students and staff. Give your entire community a platform to engage with live seminars on relevant topics featuring expert conversations and Q&As.

Mental wellbeing

Improve sleep, focus and overall wellbeing with self-guided meditation practices. Destigmatise mental health with podcasts on topics like promoting open conversations.

Financial wellbeing

Manage financial stress with access to financial consultations and thousands of in-store and online discounts.

Health, fitness and nutrition

Achieve fitness goals with live and on-demand classes suitable for all fitness levels, available 24/7 via our Digital Gym. Access recipes, nutrition guides and clinically backed articles to promote positive lifestyle behaviours.