mental health.

The mental wellbeing of employees plays an important part in workplace atmosphere and productivity. It's essential that employers prioritise it when implementing a wellbeing programme.

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Mental health events available.

Choose between our group seminars, workshops or one-to-one consultations delivered by our insured, qualified and vetted mental health experts.

Mental health seminars.

Arrange a mental health seminar delivered by a qualified and experienced mental health professional. This is an excellent way to inform your employees on the best ways to maintain their mental wellbeing and make improvements where necessary. You can choose an accredited mental health professional in our marketplace and organise seminars whenever you deem to be appropriate.
Each seminar is 1 hour long.

From: £360

Mental health workshops.

Mental health workshops service to equip specific groups of employees with the skills and knowledge to improve their understanding of mental health. They empower attendees to develop an awareness surrounding mental health for themselves and their colleagues. Organise a workshop delivered by a qualified and accredited mental health professional for your HR team, managers or team members. 
Half day, 1 day and 2 day workshops available.

From: £480

Mental health consultations.

Book a mental health professional to hold a consultation clinic in the workplace through our marketplace. This gives employees the opportunities to briefly address any difficulties they may have been having with a qualified mental health specialist who will provide recommended next steps. This is an excellent step to removing the stigma surrounding mental health from the workplace.
Consultations available for up 7 employees per day.

From: £650