Workplace Wellbeing - Tip Sheets for Working Remotely

Author : Leave Blank?

While going through this difficult period filled with uncertainty, supporting employee wellbeing in our now remote workplaces is more challenging than ever before. With our ways of working and living being totally transformed by the current global circumstances, managing our employees’ wellbeing along with our own is paramount. In light of this, we at Spectrum.Life have launched a uniquely tailored podcast series to help support you and your organisation through coronavirus.

Delivering two podcasts each week, we are covering topics such as nutrition, fitness, mental health, sleep, coping with self-isolation and successfully working remotely. See below for all of our episodes to date and be sure to follow on Spotify!

Stay home and stay safe.

-The Podcast team


Week 1

C19 tipsheet - week 1.pdf (week1)

Week 2

covid19_Mental Health & Wellbeing tipbook (week 2)

Week 3

grieving during covid19_Tipbook (week 3)

Week 4

covid19_Sleep Health TopTips_06 May 20 LI (week 4)