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Book a variety of digital and onsite workplace wellness events for your organisation, from Mental Health to Beauty!

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For Employers

  • Health risks will be significantly reduced, resulting in lower absenteeism and presenteeism rates.
  • An improved cultural atmosphere develops as a result of a sense of togetherness, and often fun!
  • An increased feeling of being valued among employees, which results in high levels of loyalty and retention.
  • Improved employer brand. Having regular onsite wellness events is another reason for people to want to join your company!
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    Wellbeing Marketplace

    Book your workplace wellbeing onsite events with access to 1000s of qualified wellness experts.

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    Promote your Booking

    Promote your onsite wellbeing event among employees, easily through the platform.

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    Easy Payment

    Easily pay for services and download invoices for your finance team in an instant.

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    Engagement Tracking

    Track event attendance and engagement to gain a better understanding of what interests employees most.


What our clients say

If you don't know where you're falling down in terms of workplace wellbeing, how can you improve it? The Spectrum.Life platform and app provide the mechanism to understand where you need to improve. It makes achieving workplace wellbeing goals possible.

Claire O'Donoghue, Senior Aviation Exec., HR Directorate, IAA