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A successful workplace wellbeing strategy is driven by data, adaptability and people! That's why our wellbeing strategies work.

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Continuous improvement

An evolving measurable solution which helps you to continuously improve your workplace wellbeing programme


There is no one size fits all in workplace wellbeing. Choose what suits your company best

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Our advisors, success managers, HPOs and designers have years of experience developing and delivering successful wellbeing strategies

I firmly believe that our health is influenced not only by the physical body but the spiritual, mental, and emotional bodies, too. Taking the time to mindfully tend to ourselves helps us become spiritually connected, mentally stimulated, emotionally centred, and enables us to lead a more vibrant life. The results? — More happiness, joy, health and fulfilment, as well as better performance at work.

Stephen Scally , Health Promotion Team Lead

As Wellness Success Team Lead, I'm responsible for ensuring that our success team is optimising the service and support we provide. What I enjoy most about the role is encouraging the team to work closely together with a common goal of achieving the best results for our clients.

Gary Brown, Wellness Success Team Lead

My role involves working with companies who want to develop successful employee wellbeing programmes. I provide ongoing support to them, from the initial consultation to building a long-term strategy. It is very rewarding to see a company change its culture to put the welfare of its employees first, and to play a part in making that happen.

Aisling Watters, Wellness Success Executive

I am a wellness success advisor. I manage numerous accounts across many different industries. It is really rewarding to see ideas come to life with positive engagement levels. No two days are the same for me, so it keeps my job interesting and challenging.

Emma Regan, Wellness Success Advisor

My role as a wellness success manager centres around understanding the needs of new clients and tailoring our services specific to their needs. I also work closely on our EAP service and oversee the roll out to our client base. There’s great variety in my role and I get to work on exciting projects with some of Ireland’s largest organisations.

Mark FitzGibbon, Wellness Success Manager

I’m the Health Promotion Officer in Citi and Microsoft. I design, implement and evaluate all wellness and health promotion in each site, specific to the population’s needs. I have a passion for providing employees with the tools to reach their health potential — my job satisfaction is through the roof!

David Bergin, Health Promotion Officer

In my work at Vodafone, I manage and maintain the upkeep and engagement within the wellness facility to ensure that the client and their employees have the resources needed to maintain and progress their overall wellbeing. Helping people achieve their goals through physical, mental and emotional means is my passion.

Sean Connolly, Health Promotion Officer

I consider it my job to observe and strategise continuous improvement in company wellbeing culture where I'm stationed. I aim to create tangible health outcomes inside and outside the workplace. It's highly rewarding to see that my day-to-day work helps employees to enjoy a happier and healthier lifestyle.

Rabin Das, Health Promotion Officer

I am responsible for supporting wellness strategies and driving engagement levels on-site in DAA and Amazon. Educating and empowering employees to take control of their own health and wellbeing inspires me every day. It’s very rewarding to see the positive effect the work I do has on employees’ lifestyles.

Ian Whelan, Health Promotion Officer