A strategic, mental health programme delivered in partnership with your organisation

45.6% of employees would look to move jobs if their employer didn't provide enough support in relation to their mental health
(Mental Health Report, 2017)

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45.6% of employees would look to move jobs if their employer didn't provide enough support in relation to their mental health
(Mental Health Report, 2017)

Why you need this
for your organisation

Duty of Care

Employers have a legal duty of care for mental wellbeing of employees. Putting a proactive programme in place demonstrates your organisation's commitment.

Employee Retention

There is an expectation from talent for organisations to support mental health, so a programme will give real competitive advantage.

Increased Productivity

Workplaces that support mental health are more likely to reduce absenteeism, increase productivity and therefore benefit from associated economic gains.

Tailored Solution

Clinically robust

Compliant with best practices

Cost effective, Long term support

From Policy to Practice,
Your Mental Health Programme

Discovery &

This first stage involves assessing data relating to all aspects of company including culture, structure, and current health of employees. The organisation's Mental Health policy and company goals will then be agreed with the support of our clinical experts.

Strategy &

The Strategy is a plan of action that sets out how your organisation will create and uphold long-term, positive mental health and wellbeing across the workforce. Through the statement, your organisation can publicly commit to addressing mental health in the workplace

Training &

Training the right people within the organisation will be one of the most important parts of a Mental Health Programme. The number and type of training sessions required will vary depending on the size, structure and needs of the organisation.

Launch &

Creating awareness and engagement of the programme from senior management to junior members involves service introductions and providing cross-organisation promotional material

Ongoing Support

For HR

The HR Mental Health Support Line is a most unique service providing advice and guidance for senior management and HR

For Employers

Our 24/7 Mental Wellbeing Support Service for managers to support when they are struggling with pressures of their management role

For Employees

Our 24/7 Support Service (or EAP) is designed to assist employees in dealing more effectively with their personal and work related problems

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What our clients say

Microsoft Ireland acknowledges the importance of mental health within the workplace. Our organisation have been working closely with Spectrum Life and Laya Healthcare to bring “Fuel Your Mind” to life. With their strategic and clinical guidance we have launched a programme that not only reflects our employee needs but is grounded in our organisation’s values so that everyone across the business is supportive and aligned

Ken Byrne, Senior HR Program & Benefits Manager at Microsoft Ireland