Munster Rugby know about ambition, excellence and success. Optimise your organisation for high performance through their uniquely crafted programme for business.

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The High Performance Programme is guided by 4 key principles

Energy Management through Nutrition

Food has a direct impact on cognitive performance. Research shows employees with unhealthy diets were 66% more likely to report a productivity loss than healthy eaters. This pillar explores the role of nutrition in energy management and educates around the impact of nutrition and meal planning for busy, time poor employees.

Fitness to perform through Exercise

Exercise and work should go hand in hand. Exercise provides energy and increased mental capacity to achieve career goals. It is critical to success at work because it enables employees to function at maximum capacity. This pillar educates around the impact of exercise and recommendations on how you can implement exercise into your work life.

Balance & Alignment through Mental Health

Good mental health is important for everyone and managers play an important role in safeguarding the mental health of employees in the workplace. This pillar in the programme educates around the importance of mental health management for better business outcomes.

Authentic leadership

Authentic leadership is a management style in which leaders are genuine, self-aware, and transparent. To ensure long-term happiness and productivity out of your team, it’s critical you demonstrate a level of authenticity as a leader. This pillar explores leadership style and how to create positive change in business.

Our Packages

1 Day delivered onsite in the workplace or remotely via video link for max 12 x employees.

Mix of seminars and video content, delivered by Munster, UL and Spectum.Life experts.

1. Structure of the day can be tailored to your business needs (can be flexible to deliver over 2 x days remotely)
2. Bring your leaders and  team managers together to learn and share


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All of The Scrum content delivered digitally as e-learning modules

High quality video content to bring the in-person course to life plus:
Additional movement and recipe videos to support the nutrition and fitness principles course delivered through Spectrum.Life app

1. eLearning means the high performance programme is accessible to the entire organisation
2. All content in one place means employees can complete the programme in their own time

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1 & 3- Day Course in Munster Rugby’s High-Performance Centre
1. The fully immersive experience – in the centre where it all started
2. Networking opportunities with other business leaders to learn and share


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What will the High Performance
Programme deliver?

For Business:

Give your organisation a competitive advantage through a high performing team

For Leaders:

Give Leaders greater resilience to manage at a senior level

For Employees:

Give teams a sense of leadership with a difference

What our clients say

I was able to set a benchmark for where I am, mentally and physically. Quickly, early on day two I began to realise that just by doing what was recommended on the course, how much more mentally sharp I was. That was my eureka moment. It transformed me, what it meant to my lifestyle, both in work and at home. It changed my life.

John Brennan, Director, Tesco

The Key results were the motivation to want to do something. The long term sustainability to implement something that not only changes work but at home and made me a much better, rounded person.

Kathi Leon, Multinational Communications Director