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Women Health

While women are more likely to be diagnosed with mental illnesses, men often report lower life satisfaction scores. The alarming rate of male suicides underscores the necessity for safe spaces and accessible healthcare. Unfortunately, many men choose to endure mental distress rather than face discrimination when seeking help.

Addressing these challenges requires concerted efforts to ensure men can access mental health services without fear of judgment or stigma.

The summary concludes by proposing potential solutions, advocating for enhanced workplace support, integrated wellbeing offerings, and collective efforts to challenge damaging stereotypes and foster open communication.

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The person I spoke with was compassionate, empathic and focussed on what was right for me even if that was different to what I expected was going to happen, and that was very powerful because I could see she was thinking about me as a person, rather than just another case.

Full spectrum care,
for a full spectrum life.