Legal & General (L&G)

20 May 2024

Legal & General (L&G)

About Legal & General Group Protection:

Company size: 12,000 employees
Members: 1.79 million (1.7 million under SL contract)
Industry: Financial Services, Group Protection Insurance
Headquarters: London, UK

A leading provider of Group Protection cover in the UK with over 90 years of expertise and knowledge. Legal & General continue to look after the group protection needs of their corporate customers, with almost 7,200 policies covering nearly 2 million employees at the end of 2023.

The Challenge:

  • The challenge lies in the prevalent reactive approach to managing wellbeing within organisations, where Employee Assistance Programmes (EAPs) are typically viewed as resources for times of crisis rather than proactive tools for everyday support.
  • Despite increasing engagement with EAPs, many organisations struggle to utilise the valuable data they generate. This leads to EAPs operating independently from the employer, resulting in a lack of understanding of the organisation’s unique wellbeing profile and limited insight into who accesses support and why. Consequently, wellbeing strategies often rely on awareness calendars and anecdotal feedback rather than data- driven insights.
  • Spectrum.Life’s partnership with Legal & General aimed to address this challenge by transitioning from reactive to proactive well-being approaches, but the success of this transition hinged on comprehensive education for all stakeholders and the effective utilisation of EAP data, which requires specific skills that may be lacking within organisations.

Spectrum.Life’s Understanding of the Client’s Need:

  • Spectrum.Life understood Legal & General’s need for a shift from reactive to proactive wellbeing strategies.
  • Legal & General, like many organisations, faced challenges with Employee Assistance Programmes (EAPs) being underutilised and lacked effective data utilisation.
  • Spectrum.Life’s solution was multi-faceted, pioneered by Jennifer Watson, the dedicated Mental Health Promotion Officer for Legal & General. Jennifer’s unique blend of clinical
    expertise and data analytics skills enabled her to revolutionise Legal & General’s approach. She initiated bespoke Management Information (MI) meetings with employers, analysing EAP and Platform data to provide tailored insights.
  • Through proactive engagement, Jenni educated stakeholders on the benefits of proactive EAP use, addressing gaps in understanding and fostering a culture of well-being.
  • Additionally, she created tailored resources and newsletters, driving awareness and engagement.

The Solution


In partnership with Legal & General, Spectrum.Life tackles a significant challenge in the realm of employee wellbeing by revolutionising the traditional understanding of Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs). Historically, EAPs have been seen as reactive measures for use during crises, leading to a lack of engagement and appreciation for their full potential among employers, HR teams, and employees.

Recognising this gap, Spectrum.Life introduces a proactive, holistic approach to employee wellbeing through its EAP and digital platform. This innovative solution comprises several key elements:

  1. Comprehensive EAP Services: Spectrum.Life offers a clinically led EAP staffed by qualified counsellors, providing immediate support and structured counselling referrals. This approach ensures that employees can access timely clinical assistance while also addressing long-term needs.
  2. Digital Platform: The digital platform hosts a range of resources, including a digital gym, meditation programs, wellbeing articles, fitness plans, and nutrition guidance. This diverse toolkit encourages proactive wellbeing practices among employees.
  3. Data-Driven Approach: Leveraging data analytics, Spectrum.Life provides valuable insights into employee wellbeing trends, EAP utilisation, and clinical outcomes. This data-driven strategy empowers organisations to tailor their wellbeing strategies based on real-time information.
  4. Customised Resources: With expertise in data analysis and clinical mental health, Jennifer, a dedicated specialist within Spectrum.Life, creates tailored resources for employers, HR teams, managers, and employees. These resources address specific needs and promote proactive engagement with the EAP and digital platform.
  5. Educational Initiatives: Our Mental Health Promotion Officer conducts MI meetings with stakeholders to analyse data trends, identify improvement areas, and offer guidance on enhancing wellbeing strategies. Additionally, Jennifer hosts webinars and produces newsletters to educate stakeholders on the benefits of proactive EAP and platform use.
  6. Intermediary Engagement: Spectrum.Life collaborates with intermediaries to enhance data reporting and promote proactive wellbeing initiatives. By providing detailed insights into EAP utilisation and trends, our Mental Health Promotion Officer enables intermediaries to better support their clients.
  7. Continuous Improvement: Spectrum.Life continually monitors engagement levels, gathers feedback from stakeholders, and adjusts strategies to ensure ongoing improvement in service provision and employee wellbeing.

In summary, Spectrum.Life’s product solutions signify a shift from reactive to proactive employee wellbeing management, empowering organisations to cultivate a culture of health and resilience. Through data-driven insights, customised resources, and educational initiatives, Spectrum.Life aims to maximise the impact of its EAP and digital platform in promoting employee wellbeing.


    • Development and Production of Legal & General’s custom and branded content:
      • Digital gym: Spectrum.Life’s interactive wellbeing studio space, with live classes and regular events with experts, social influencers and marque speakers.
      • Fitness classes, meditation, nutrition, eLearning pathways, recipes ensuring the highest-quality delivery of evidence based, educational and highly engaging health and wellbeing content across a broad spectrum of wellbeing subject areas.
    • Spectrum.Life’s digital fitness gym
    • EAP:
      • Spectrum.Life recruited a dedicated Legal & General Group Protection Mental Health Promotion Officer (MHPO) with a background in data analysis and clinical expertise grained from previous NHS & EAP experience, reshaping how employers and intermediaries leverage the EAP and platform, maximising data driven strategies that meet evolving wellbeing needs.
      • Bespoke MI Review sessions with employers to analyse EAP and platform data identifying trends and offering tailored insights. These sessions explore beyond factual updates and provide meaningful recommendations that are aligned with organisational goals.
      • Tailored resources such as guides and articles to address specific needs identified through data analysis, actively engaging with stakeholders through webinars and newsletter further promoting EAP and platform use, breaking down stigma and fostering greater awareness.
  • TECH
    • As Legal & General’s digital wellbeing tech partner, Spectrum.Life spearheads the development of a robust digital platform. This platform offers a wide array of resources covering fitness, nutrition, education, and mental health programs. Tailored to meet holistic wellbeing needs, this comprehensive digital ecosystem provides Legal &General’s customers with easy access to valuable resources.


  • EAP:
    • The outcome was remarkable, with a 25% increase in engagement and enhanced service provision and awareness among employers, managers, and employees. The efforts by Spectrum.Life’s Health Promotion Officer not only increased service utilisation but also disseminated clinical knowledge, reducing mental health stigma and fostering a proactive approach to wellbeing.
    • Utilisation among engaged clients has risen from 4.02% to 5.77% over the past year. Spectrum.Life would expect EAP utilisation and interaction to increase, but this significant increase is likely driven by our Mental Health Promotion Officer’s activity, awareness campaigns and efforts to educate populations on how to use the EAP proactively.
    • Additional figures:
      • Over 22,000 interactions were supported by counsellors
      • Over 12,000 counselling sessions were delivered
      • 9 second response time to calls
      • 29 minutes average call length
    • Increased clinical knowledge among managers, HR, employees and intermediaries, through sharing clinically sound psycho-education and resources. We strongly believe that there’s not enough awareness of coping techniques, self-management advice and therapeutic approaches that you can use on yourself – it’s reserved for people who can afford to pay for therapy. This is what drives Spectrum.Life to make clinical knowledge accessible and reduce mental health stigma.
  • Our wellbeing platform for healthy, productive employees:
    • Over 116,000 visits to the platform
    • Almost 60,000 sign-ups
    • Engaging employees with their wellbeing
      • Over 42,000 article views
      • 5,000 digital gym classes taken
      • Over 10,000 meditation sessions
      • Over 5,000 views of our bespoke wellbeing webinar series
    • Most popular wellbeing topics:
      • Men’s Health
      • Women’s Health
      • Gut health
    • Employers have benefited from:
      • 33% reduction in presenteeism
      • 22% reduction absenteeism and workplace distress
    • Employees have benefited from:
      • 21% increase in life satisfaction
      • 16% average increase in work engagement

We strongly believe that creating a positive work environment is fundamental to overall wellbeing, and we are proud to be on this journey with Legal & General.