Our musculoskeletal health has an impact on our mood, productivity and general wellbeing. That’s why so many companies consider physiotherapy an essential part of their wellbeing programme.

Physiotherapy Events

Choose between our group seminars, classes or one-to-one consultations
delivered by our insured, qualified and vetted Physiotherapists.

Physiotherapy Seminars

Help educate employees about the importance of being aware of posture and avoiding common workplace-related musculoskeletal pains with a seminar or series of seminars. Book one of our leading physio professionals to deliver a seminar at your workplace.

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Physiotherapy classes

Our 6-week posture perfect class provides employees with the knowledge needed to improve their posture. In turn, overall musculoskeletal health will improve, reducing back pain-related absenteeism. Book a local, accredited physiotherapist for this series.


One to One physiotherapy

Arrange a physiotherapy clinic where employees can receive a 30-minute consultation to assess any musculoskeletal issues they may have been experiencing. They will also get some invaluable next-step advice from an experienced physiotherapist.


Why Book a Physiotherapy event?

Less injuries

Physio treats initial ailments before they become chronic

Reduced Absences

No need to miss work for physio appointments

Reduced Prestenteeism

Less distraction as a result of discomfort and pain

Less employee stress

Physiotherapy has been proven to reduce stress