Nutrition Workshops

Our demo-style workshops enable our qualified nutritionists to give more personalised advice on a variety of topics.

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Popular Workshops

Eating for Energy

Employees will learn how to make budget-friendly, energy boosting meals at home to help them keep up with their day-to-day demands.

  • Understand the importance of nutrition in maintaining energy levels
  • Leave with easy-to-make recipes to suit your lifestyle
  • Learn how to fit food-prep into your weekly routine

Eating for a healthy heart

Our nutrition professionals deliver this engaging and important demo to help employees learn how to eat in a way that maintains a healthy heart.

  • Learn the importance of maintaining heart health
  • Learn how to prepare delicious and healthy meals

Healthy eating for less

Healthy eating is often thought of as being costly, however, this doesn’t have to be true. This workshop teaches employees how to be healthy on a budget.

  • Learn why healthy eating doesn’t need to cost a fortune
  • Leave with recipes for delicious, affordable meals

Healthy veggie meals

More and more employees are adopting plant-based lifestyles or at least cutting down on meat. Help them do so in a healthy way with this workshop.

  • Learn why plant-based diets are becoming more popular
  • Understand why it’s important to focus on nutrition when avoiding meat
  • Learn how to prepare nourishing and satisfying veggie meals

10-minute meals

Short on time? That’s no excuse to skip on the meal prep! This workshop teaches employees how to make healthy meals in just 10 minutes.

  • Learn how to make the most of your limited time when cooking
  • Come away with delicious recipes for quick, nutritious meals for when you’re short on time

Healthy on the go

Our qualified nutritionists will teach employees how to avoid the temptation of takeaways during busy periods with this healthy eating on the go workshop.

  • Learn how to balance your time to include healthy eating
  • Learn how to make meals that are suitable for when you’re on the go
  • Come away with quick and nutritious recipes