Nutrition Seminars

Empower employees to make sustainable, healthy changes to their nutritional habits with seminars created and presented by qualified professionals. Choose topics relevant to your workplace from a varied list.

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    Popular Seminars

    Portion Control: are we eating too much?

    Employees will learn about the importance of considering how portion size can impact our health. They will learn how to manage portion sizes while still keeping hunger at bay.

    • Rethink what a satisfying portion size is
    • Understand the impact of too-large portion sizes
    • Learn how to apply portion control to your every day life

    Making long term, sustainable changes to your diet

    Crash and fads diets are done! This seminar will educate employees on the importance of long-term sustainability when it comes to enjoying a healthy diet.

    • Understand that there are many elements to our health status
    • Rethink what healthy eating means
    • Learn why it’s important to avoid extremes and enjoy balance when it comes to nutrition

    Debunking nutrition myths

    Employees will learn the truth behind the most common nutrition myths – an important step towards changing old habits that might actually be sabotaging their efforts!

    • Learn the importance of not believing every nutrition tip you read
    • Understand the basics of nutrition
    • Establish the knowledge needed to change negative habits

    Nutrition at Work

    Employees will learn the importance of maintaining healthy habits at work, and how our nutritional habits impact our day-to-day tasks.

    • Learn how nutrition impacts alertness and productivity
    • Understand the value of adopting healthier habits at work
    • Learn how to implement a plan that helps you eat more nutritious food at work

    Is sugar the enemy?

    Sugar has become public health enemy number one in recent years, but is it fair to demonise one single food type?

    • Learn why demonising sugar can result in poor overall nutrition
    • Understand why cutting out entire food types can be dangerous
    • Rethink your attitude towards sugar

    Is clean eating unhealthy?

    Are popular “clean” diets causing more harm than good? This seminar will encourage employees to think critically of clean eating culture.

    • Learn how social media is having an impact on what we eat
    • Understand why eliminating food groups is not a positive nutrition strategy
    • Understand the importance of balance when it comes to nutrition