Workplace nutrition.

It's widely accepted that nutrition is the cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle. As companies increasingly acknowledge the need to invest in their employees' wellbeing, introducing nutrition to the workplace is now commonplace.

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Nutrition events available.

Choose between our group seminars, workshops or one-to-one consultations delivered by our insured, qualified and vetted Nutrition Experts.

Nutrition seminars.

Choose from a series of nutrition seminars to educate employees on the importance of nutrition when it comes to energy, our moods and general health and wellbeing. Booked through our workplace Wellbeing Marketplace, you have access to local and qualified nutritionists and dietitians who will deliver the seminar and answer employee questions.
Each seminar is 1 hour long.

From: £360

Workplace nutrition workshops.

Book a nutrition workshop where employees can get more personalised advice relating to nutrition, meal preparation and eating for health. Delivered by one of our excellent nutritionists or dietitians, this is an exciting opportunity for employees to get expert advice directly from a qualified and accredited nutrition professional. Book through our workplace wellbeing marketplace for hassle-free event management and payment.
Half day, 1 day and 2 day workshops available.

From: £480

One-to-one nutrition consultations.

Arrange a nutrition clinic via our workplace Wellbeing Marketplace and allow employees to book 15-30-minute consultations with a qualified dietitian. This gives employees a fantastic opportunity to get personal recommendations from a practicing professional about their nutritional intake. Easily book, manage employee appointments and administer payments through the marketplace. 
Consultations available for up 14 employees per day.

From: £650