Nutrition in
the Workplace

Educating employees about nutrition results in a healthier, more energetic and productive workforce.
It should come as no surprise that more and more companies are adopting nutrition as part of their wellbeing plan.

Nutrition Events

Book seminars, training workshops, classes and consultation clinics
delivered by qualified nutrition professionals

Nutrition Seminars

Choose from a series of expert-curated and delivered by qualified nutritionists to educate employees on the importance of nutrition for our long-term health and wellness.

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Nutrition Workshops

Book a nutrition workshop in your workplace to give employees the chance to get direct expert advice while learning first hand how to make nutritious and tasty meals.

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Nutrition Training

Book a nutrition training class where employees can gain in depth knowledge about nutrition, meal prep and eating for optimum health, led by a qualified nutritionist or dietician. One to one consultations also available.

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Why book Onsite Nutrition Events?

Healthier employees

Healthier employees are more productive!

Reduced absenteeism

Reduced costs incurred through absenteeism

Reduction in illnesses

Lower the risk of workplace-wide illnesses

Improved energy levels

Well nourished employees are full of energy!