Mental Health

Equip specific groups of employees with the skills and knowledge to develop a deeper understanding of mental health with half day, 1 day or 2 day workplace mental health workshops.

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    Popular Workshops

    Manager's Workshop

    Our manager’s mental health workshop is designed to train managers in monitoring and safeguarding the mental wellbeing of their team members.

    • Understand the links between mental health and productivity
    • Learn how to promote open dialogue around mental health
    • Understand associated legal duties relating to mental health

    HR Workshop

    Our HR workshop includes information tailored specifically to help companies develop HR teams that are confident in handling sensitive cases of mental health difficulties that might come their way.

    • Learn about HR and Legal Requirements relating to mental health
    • Gain the tools to develop a mental health strategy
    • Create an action plan to help a struggling employee

    Leader's workshop

    The Leader’s workshop gives those at the highest level of an organisation the information needed to be active participants in creating a positive culture around mental health.

    • Learn the value of senior influence on creating a mental health-positive environment
    • Get direction on mental health strategy development
    • Learn how to drive an open culture around mental health as a senior leader

    Employee Workshop

    The employee mental health workshop is designed to educate employees on all aspects of workplace mental health and ultimately empower them to champion an open culture around mental health.

    • Get an introduction to mental health and wellbeing
    • Gain an awareness of the sign and symptoms of common mental health issues
    • Learn how to support someone in crisis

    Optimise your mind

    This engaging 4-hour workshop, delivered by a qualified mental health professional, equips employees with the tools needed to develop a happier and efficient life using scientifically proven mindfulness techniques.


    • Learn effective mindfulness techniques for everyday life
    • Learn how to make impactful changes to improve performance at work
    • Discover techniques to help optimise wellbeing