Mental Health

Our mental health seminars help organisations achieve the highest standards when it comes to this important and sensitive topic. Each seminar is delivered by a certified mental health professional.

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    Popular Seminars

    Managing the pace

    This seminar addresses a common area of concern for modern day employees: managing day-to-day demands of life without feeling the pressure.

    • Understand the importance of time management
    • Learn practical and science-backed methods of managing time
    • Understand the importance of having a flexible approach to managing pace

    Building resilience

    The ability to bounce back is an important skill, especially in the workplace. This seminar gives employees some insight into how they can recover from a setback.

    • Learn about research-backed strategies for building resilience
    • Understand the importance of resilience in stressful situations
    • Learn how you can apply resilience building to your day-to-day life

    Beating Burnout

    Burnout is recognised by the World Health Organisation as a classified disease and an “occupational phenomenon.” This 30-minute seminar will help employees prevent themselves from burning out.

    • Understand Burnout and how it impacts our mental health
    • Learn how to recognise the signs of burnout
    • Leave with an understanding of how to recover from burnout

    Promoting productivity

    Productivity and mental health are intrinsically linked. This seminar will give employees the knowledge needed to implement the necessary tactics to stay focused throughout the day.

    • Learn how productivity and mental health are linked
    • Leave with tactics to prevent distraction
    • Discover how to make the most out of every day

    How to be Happy

    Being happy is something we all aim for. This seminar addresses how we can adopt certain behaviours to help us become more positive and happier each day.

    • Learn how being happy impacts our life
    • Understand why happiness is something to be worked on everyday
    • Discover how our behaviours can help promote happiness

    Mind Full or Mindful

    Mindfulness gives our minds the ability to focus on what we’re doing now instead of being overwhelmed by other worries. This seminar offers up some great tips on becoming mindful.

    • Discover why mindfulness is becoming so popular
    • Learn how to identify the aspects of mindfulness that suit you
    • Get tips on how to become more mindful