Fitness Seminars

Encourage employees to adopt an informed approach to their fitness journeys with seminars delivered by one of our qualified experts, covering a range of topics.

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    Popular Seminars

    The importance of exercise

    Employees will learn from an expert, why fitness is an essential part of achieving optimal health. This seminar discusses the positive impact movement has on our physical and mental health.

    • Learn how to fit exercise into your day to day routine
    • Understand why it is essential for our physical and mental health
    • Leave with a motivation to get up and moving!

    Beginners guide to exercise

    Often the reason people don’t get into exercise is because they find it daunting. This seminar makes it seem that little bit easier, delivered by an experienced fitness professional.

    • Get practical advice on starting your fitness journey
    • Learn how to find a style that suits you
    • Discover how to determine how much is enough for you

    Fitting exercise in

    Working fitness into our schedules can be one of the biggest challenges of adopting a new fitness routine. This seminar gives employees practical tips of working movement into their days.

    • Learn why it’s important to fit exercise in
    • Get expert advice on working it into your schedule
    • Discover easy ways to incorporate exercise into your routine

    Busting exercise myths

    There are many myths surrounding fitness from “lifting weights will make you bulky” to “body fat can be spot reduced”. Our expert will highlight the most common myths for employees.

    • Learn how to avoid getting the wrong advice
    • Get a science-backed viewpoint of the most common myths
    • Learn how believing some myths can hold your progress back

    Exercise for parents

    Fitting exercise in can be a chore in itself for parents, with so many daily demands to meet. This seminar gives valuable advice on working training into your busy schedule.

    • Learn how working out can specifically benefit parents
    • Understand and discuss the barriers parents face when it comes to exercise
    • Get useful tips on how to find the time for exercise

    Workouts at home

    Joining a gym or attending classes doesn’t always suit. This seminar gives some great expert advice on getting an effective workout done in the comfort of your own home.

    • Learn how how to save money and time by exercising at home
    • Understand the different types of workouts to help you achieve your goal
    • Leave with a set of exercises to try at home