Workplace fitness.

Workplace fitness is becoming a common addition to corporate wellbeing plans around the world. Whether you wish to book a once-off class, a calendar of classes, or a seminar, you can do so through the Spectrum.Life platform.

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Fitness events available.

Choose between fitness seminars and classes delivered by our insured, qualified and vetted fitness experts.

Fitness seminars at work.

Book a fitness seminar to help educate, empower and encourage employees to embark on an informed fitness journey as part of their overall wellbeing programme. Delivered by one of our vetted fitness experts, this will also give employees the opportunity to ask a highly qualified professional questions relating to their fitness goals. This can be easily booked and managed through the Spectrum.Life platform.
Each seminar is 1 hour long. 

From: £360

Workplace fitness classes.

A wide range of fitness classes for the workplace are available to book through the Spectrum.Life platform. Employees can enjoy anything from a high energy HIIT to calming yoga. Use the platform to book a single class or to organise a timetable of classes. 
Each class is 1 hour long.

From: £100