Virtual primary care platform

By integrating advanced coaching, clinical services and streamlined booking and payment systems, partnering with us enables enhanced accessibility, efficiency and overall service delivery.

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Take back control of digital health member journeys and service delivery. With Spectrum.Life, you are supported to enhance accessibility and efficiency for insurers, providers and members.

Your full spectrum virtual primary care platform.

Integrated appointment booking and management

Leverage MatchTech for a seamless booking experience. Our proprietary technology enables a centralised interface for scheduling appointments making it easy for both providers and members. Members can view available appointment times, book appointments, and select preferences for in-person or virtual visits. Members can easily reschedule or cancel appointments. Our online booking system is multi-platform accessible and incorporates real-time calendar integration, automated reminders, notifications and pre-appointment questionnaires.

Flexible question-set management

Deliver a more personalized and patient-centred approach to healthcare while enabling healthcare providers to create and modify questions easily. We collaborate with you to develop a library of pre-defined question templates that can be customised and reused. These could be based on medical standards, common conditions or typical assessment requirements to facilitate quick set-up.

Virtual appointment delivery

Enable fast and easy access using digital service delivery. Our virtual clinical care team is available whenever members need it, ensuring comprehensive support across various health and wellness domains like coaching, Advanced Nurse Practitioners, digital GPs, dieticians, nutritionists and musculoskeletal (MSK) services.

Comprehensive appointment communication

Standardise delivery and communications tools to support members in managing all aspects of appointment scheduling, reminders and follow-ups. Our advanced tracking tools monitor progress and outcomes. automated reminders via email, SMS, or mobile app notifications to reduce no-shows and ensure patients are prepared for their appointments. These reminders can include date, time, location details, and any preparation required before the appointment.

Coaching integration

Improve health outcomes and reduce healthcare costs with personalised coaching focused on lifestyle choices, health education and chronic disease management. We enable virtual access to multidisciplinary teams trained in different specialisms. Integration of wearables and member health records via EHR allow coaches to provide timely feedback and adjust care plans as needed based on actual member progress and setbacks.

EHR integration

Ensure comprehensive patient data management with seamless integration with electronic health records (EHR). We deliver a unified booking flow allowing multiple services to be booked in a single interaction, allowing for a more cohesive user experience. We can also support for multiple providers to ensure flexibility and choice for your members.

Payments and direct settlement

Verify benefits eligibility in real-time and streamline the payments process. Our digital wallet enables members to manage payments and co-payments, making secure financial transactions hassle-free.