Mental health

With a focus on early intervention and prevention, we engage members to steer their own fully-supported mental health journey.

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Mental health matters to members. Spectrum.Life empowers members with clinically backed resources including educational materials, self-care tools and tailored therapy.

Full spectrum mental health.

Our mental health services reduce stigma, to promote healthy conversations around mental health.

24/7 mental health support and triage

Ensure members have access to mental health support whenever they need it. We enable clinician frontline teams to be available within seconds and initiate all insurer mental health journeys.

Mental health coaching

Empower members to tackle goals or mental health challenges. Progressive and adaptive strategies help members develop actionable plans to improve their mental health and achieve objectives.

Digital therapy and face to face networks

Support a diverse range of needs in over 35 languages and specialities. Specialised care ensures members receive comprehensive care.

Child, adolescent and adult psychology

Facilitate better mental health outcomes for members of all ages with fast access. Age-appropriate psychological support addresses the unique needs of children, adolescents and adults.

Advanced mental health concierge

Offer coordinated, timely and tailored care for an enhanced member journey. Members receive the support they need, tailored to their specific circumstances.