Spectrum.Life’s innovative approach to streamlining member journeys and matching members with the right digital health services and clinicians ensures optimised access, outcomes, satisfaction, and cost efficiency.

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Transform disjointed digital health and wellbeing journeys into engaging digital experiences. AI-driven tools, precision matching algorithms, and comprehensive platform integration make it easier for members to receive the care they need, when they need it.

A personal care navigator to connect member journeys.

Health navigator

Personalised care pathways are constructed based on individual needs and underlying conditions. Health navigator offers tailored service recommendations and provides customised health and wellbeing content to support members’ specific needs and goals.

Precision clinician matching

Members are matched to clinicians utilising standardised evidence-based assessments. Pre-appointment questionnaires further enable us to facilitate accurate and effective clinician matching via clinician tagging based on their specialties, experience and areas of expertise.

Integrated pre-appointment questionnaire

Ensure healthcare providers have relevant and comprehensive patient information readily available at the point of care. Our customisable pre-appointment questionnaire streamlines the intake process, improves clinical workflows, and enhances overall quality of care by reducing time spent on administrative tasks during a consultation. It seamlessly integrates with your existing electronic health records automatically updating the member’s medical records.

AI symptom checker

Care is personalised using accurate and consistent data collection. The data provides members with deeper insights into their personal health and wellbeing. The symptom checker is integrated with a recommendation engine to guide members to appropriate services, so they can take action to address their underlying health and wellbeing concerns.

Health and wellbeing content

By integrating a wide range of personalised user engagement content, we ensure members have easy access to the support and programmes they need. Spectrum.Life produces evidence-based, educational, and highly engaging health and wellbeing content across a broad spectrum of topics.