Digital front door

Enhance member engagement with Spectrum.Life’s integrated digital health system, powered by comprehensive whole-of-health modules and AI-driven personalisation.

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Engage members with managed health and wellbeing services. Spectrum.Life provides a seamless, user-friendly interface that caters to a wide range of health needs.

Your full spectrum digital front door.

Dynamic digital content

Harness the power of high-quality, branded health and wellbeing content, driving engagement and creating new revenue opportunities. By integrating a wide range of personalised user engagement content, we ensure members have easy access to the support and programmes they need. Spectrum.Life produces evidence-based, educational, and highly engaging health and wellbeing content across a broad spectrum of topics. We regularly review the latest research, trends, and client feedback to evolve our content strategy, delivering relevance and quality.

Content Management System (CMS)

Provide dynamic and personalised content delivery, ensuring your health and wellbeing initiatives are engaging and effective. Our CMS offers a range of features to manage and deliver content seamlessly, whether it’s our proprietary content, your customised content, or third-party resources. Smart tagging and intuitive navigation make it easy for members to find relevant content quickly. Full data analytics provide valuable insights into user behaviour and content effectiveness, helping refine your strategy.

Eligibility-based access

Verify benefits eligibility in real-time and streamline the payments process. Our digital wallet enables members to manage payments and co-payments, making financial transactions hassle-free.

Unified booking journeys

Deliver a seamless booking experience. Our proprietary technology enables a centralised interface for scheduling appointments making it easy for both providers and members. This is further supported by standardised delivery and communications tools to manage all aspects of appointment scheduling, reminders and follow-ups. Advanced tracking tools monitor progress and outcomes.

Plug and play integrator

Easily plug in third-party engagement tools and scale with new services without disrupting the member experience. We enable you to simplify the member experience by consolidating multiple health services into a single platform, reducing costs associated with building and maintaining multiple integrations, improving your ability to leverage data for better health insights and more persoanlised health recommendations.

Sync with Google Fit and Apple Health

Provide a holistic view of member health with personalised feedback by syncing with health-tracking platforms. Integrating mental health management with physical health data helps members recognise the interconnections between physical and mental wellbeing.

Customised UX and styling

All content and services are fully customisable to reflect your brand, enhancing your market presence and engagement. We work with you to design member experiences and personalised health and wellbeing journeys based on member data and preferences. Customisable dashboards are tailored to individual client and member needs.