Clinical and coaching services

Addressing a wider range of health determinants, including behavioural, psychological, and physical factors, leads to better overall health outcomes for members.

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Supporting people to live full spectrum lives. By integrating clinical and coaching services, we make care delivery more efficient and cost-effective for you.

Full spectrum clinical and coaching services.

24/7 front line clinical team

Ensure members have access to mental health support whenever they need it. We enable clinician frontline teams to be available within seconds and initiate all insurer mental health journeys.

Mental health coaching

Empower members to tackle goals or mental health challenges. Progressive and adaptive strategies help members develop actionable plans to improve their mental health and achieve objectives.

In-house digital therapy

Provide members an added layer of accessible, convenient and flexible mental health services. Video therapy sessions and web-based modules can be completed by members at their own pace, often including interactive activities and educational materials.

Advanced mental health concierge

Offer coordinated, timely and tailored care for an enhanced member journey. Members receive the support they need, tailored to their specific circumstances.