Spectrum.Life’s Student Assistance Programme has enabled Students to address areas of distress in their lives. There have been significant improvements in the mental wellbeing of those that have made use of the mental health support services provided by our team.

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How We Transform Student Wellbeing

Integration with your Student Services

We can work on a standalone basis, or work as an integrated model with your existing services providing overflow counselling sessions in times that wait lists may be in place or existing services need to prioritise Severe or High Risk presentations.

Support for International Students

We recognise the need to take a global approach when looking after your students. We can support your students through our multi-lingual 24/7 mental health and digital supports and referral to remote counselling where appropriate. We operate in in 20+ countries globally (Ex US & Canada), with multi-lingual counsellors, speaking 26 different languages.

Comprehensive and Flexible Reporting

We understand and recognise the need for Colleges and Universities to have access to detailed data and manage risk. We have standard reporting processes in place across referrals, engagement, outcomes and risk management. We can also create customised workflows to adhere to regulatory and internal requirements.

Web & mobile apps

Students can track their progress and learn as they go with our web & mobile apps

24/7 Support for Students

Your Students will have access to a 24/7 Mental Health Support Service in which 95% of initial interactions are with a qualified and experienced mental health professional.


  • 11.9% Severe Distress
  • 22.4% Moderately Severe
  • 29.4% Moderate Distress
  • 10.2% Low level problems