Sleep Health Seminars

Our sleep seminars help employees to develop the skills and knowledge needed to improve their sleep health. Each seminar is delivered by a recognised sleep technician.

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    Popular Seminars

    Stop skimping on sleep

    75% of employees don’t get enough sleep. This seminar is designed to help employees address that issue in a way that is practical and effective.

    • Learn why sleep is one of the most important aspects of our health
    • Understand the biological processes involved in sleep
    • Gain the tools needed to improve habits around sleep

    The Dark Side of Blue Light

    Educate employees on the negative impact the light from our screens is having on the quality of our sleep and what they can do counteract it.

    • Learn how exposure to blue light can effect our sleep
    • Learn the measures you can take to counteract these effects

    Golden Rules of Sleep

    In this seminar, led by a qualified sleep expert, employees will gain the all-important knowledge needed to get a sound sleep every night of the week.

    • Learn how to adopt new habits around sleep
    • Get insights into best practice bedtime routines

    Sleep tips for travelling

    Those who travel for business often experience trouble with sleep which impacts their overall health and ability to perform. This seminar educates them on how to counteract this.

    • Understand how travelling can impact sleep
    • Gain the tools to promote healthy sleep habits when travelling

    Sleep for Shift Workers

    Shift workers can tend to have poor sleep patterns, often causing mental illness and accidents at work. Give shift workers the knowledge needed to promote optimal sleep.

    • Learn how to optimise your time for a better sleep
    • Discover all-important habits that will ensure you get enough sleep