Financial wellbeing.

Financial problems are one of the greatest causes of stress on employees. Help them to improve their financial wellbeing with seminars, workshops and private consultations.

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Financial management events available.

Choose between our group seminars, workshops or one-to-one consultations delivered by our insured, qualified and vetted finance experts.

Finance seminars.

Help your employees improve their financial skills with a one-off or series of financial seminars. These can easily be booked through our marketplace where you can access a directory of qualified and experienced financial experts. This gives your employees the opportunity to gain some actionable knowledge for improving their finances.
Each seminar is 1 hour long.

From: £360

Financial workshop.

Use the marketplace to book a workshop delivered by an experienced financial professional. This gives employees the opportunity to gain practical skills when it comes to money management which can be applied to both work and home.
Half day, 1 day and 2 day workshops available.

From: £480

Financial consultation.

Arrange a financial wellbeing clinic for your employees through our easy-to-use marketplace. Employees can book appointments with an experienced financial expert onsite at your workplace. There, they can ask questions and get advice specifically related to their current financial goals and obstacles.
Consultations available for up 14 employees per day.

From: £650