Diversity & inclusion.

Managing diversity and inclusion requires understanding, knowledge, empathy and sensitivity to difference; with a commitment to developing inclusive behaviors and actions. From management masterclasses in inclusive leadership to team training in awareness and inclusion, you can book what you need on the Spectrum.Life platform.

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Diversity & inclusion events available.

Choose between our group seminars or workshops delivered by our insured, qualified and vetted diversity & inclusion experts.

Diversity & inclusion seminars at work.

Access 1 hour seminars aimed at introducing a wide range of individuals to a topic or a 2 hour seminar for a deeper dive to provide lasting insights and understanding. Topics include LGBT, race, gender equality, disability, culture and neurodiversity. Delivered by one of our vetted experts, this will also give employees the opportunity to ask a highly qualified professional questions relating to awareness and inclusion. This can be easily booked and managed through the Spectrum.Life platform. 

From: £590

Diversity & inclusion workshops.

Access half day, full day and 2 day courses designed for management teams seeking greater knowledge to aid in strategy development and full day courses intended for companies seeking a rethink of their approach to a specific D&I topic.

From: £1000