The Joy of Fitness

Author : Sean Connolly, Health Promotion Officer

What is National Fitness Day?

National Fitness Day is dedicated to celebrate physical activity in Ireland. Regular exercise has a vast amount of beneficial factors, from creating a healthy mind and body to a greater quality of life. However, many of us find getting fit troubling! It becomes a challenge and it shouldn’t be – that is why we are running National Fitness Day.
Research shows if you exercise in company (with friends) you are more likely to stick at it; the social atmosphere creates a positive environment which importantly helps us to have fun.

The Importance of Fitness

As referred to above, fitness has plenty of positives in taking the steps to creating a healthier mind and body.
However, the word “fitness” in itself can seem daunting to some of us. The word alone can create and trigger anxiety, fear and impact self-confidence and self-worth. These triggers alone are the fundamental reasons why fitness is so important. It’s not all about who can lift heavier, run faster, swim further for longer. Fitness can be (and should be) viewed as an infinite resource to holistically develop, build and maintain our longevity into later life. Fitness is about joy and freedom, a way to release those natural endorphins that are within us and can give us moments of happiness and long term fulfilment.
Fitness and its definitions are infinite as there are literally no physical or financial barriers which can stop us from continuing or even beginning our quest and wonderment in terms of what fitness means to us. Our roads, fields, mountains, rivers, seas and so on offer us a natural stimulating outlet from which to practice our own definition and terminology of fitness, a way in which we can seek the joy in fitness. As we move through these outlets we improve our quality of life mentally by being in nature, physically by exploring and emotionally as we are not bound by any monthly direct debit fees, contractual obligations or an over enthusiastic personal trainer breathing down our necks wanting one more push up.
It’s our environment, therefore it’s within our control and as a result can be taken at our own pace.


The year of 2020 has been a challenging year for everyone. We saw how the holistic physical elements associated with health and fitness took a major hit in the beginning but we also saw glimpses and the dawning realisation that health and fitness does not revolve around a treadmill, squat rack or a set of dumbbells.
The realisation is emerging that health and fitness can be accessed in a multitude of ways. Health and fitness can be accessed at anytime, anywhere for everyone – remotely via wellbeing apps, hiking, walks on the beach, bodyweight workouts from the comfort of home, outdoor group training classes, the list goes on!

Health and fitness is not a weekly chore or a task and should not be viewed such. Health and fitness takes place every single day for everyone and it is up to us, the individual, to embrace each day and harness what we have around us to make simple adjustments to support our physical, mental and emotional journey.
National Fitness Day falls on the 24th of September. It highlights one day of the year to inspire, motivate and enjoy all elements of fitness on a national scale – so what’s stopping you?

Make National Fitness Day your day to thrive and find the joy to be found in fitness!