Physiotherapy Seminars

Help educate employees about the importance of being aware of posture and avoiding common workplace-related musculoskeletal pains with a singular or series of seminars, delivered by a trained physiotherapist.

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Popular Seminars

Healthy back at work

If employees have been complaining of suffering from back pain, headaches or stiffness, this is the seminar they need. Back discomfort is largely caused by sitting at a desk for too long, being on our feet all day or lifting incorrectly, so however employees are working, this informative seminar will be of benefit. 

Avoiding reptitive strain

Spending long hours at a workstation or in frontof a computer every day can lead us to overuse muscles in the hands, wrists and other areas which can cause a repetitive stress injury.

  • Physiotherapist will show employees to reduce muscle stress in cases of long hours of
    repetitive work.

Foam Rolling

Delivered by a physiotherapist, this seminar will particularly suit employees who regularly train. They will learn:

  • the best techniques for foam rolling at home,
  • the best equipment to use, how often to foam roll
  • to maximise muscle recovery between their training sessions and help keep their training injury-free