Spectrum.Life’s Commitment to Achieve Net Zero Carbon by 2025

Spectrum.Life has made a commitment to reduce their carbon footprint and to achieve Net Zero carbon by 2025. The company have already taken a number of actions since 2022, the baseline year, in an attempt to reach this milestone, and have laid out a plan of further actions they plan to implement over the next few years to further reduce their carbon footprint.

What is Net Zero Carbon?

According to netzeroclimate.org, Net Zero refers to a state in which the greenhouse gases going into the atmosphere are balanced by removal out of the atmosphere. This is the state where global warming effectively stops, which has increasingly become a priority for Spectrum.Life and many other companies in recent years. The first step Spectrum.Life has taken to achieve this status was the identification of target emissions for the coming years until the company reaches net zero, which is essential for tracking progress and remaining on target.

What Have Spectrum.Life done so far in their attempt to achieve Net Zero Carbon?

Since the baseline year of 2022, Spectrum.Life have taken numerous steps to achieve Net Zero, including:

  • Promoting and normalizing remote working for colleagues;
  • Prioritizing remote counselling over video;
  • Reducing air travel to a purely needs and necessity basis;
  • Reducing plastic usage in offices;
  • Minimizing paper and printing usage to a necessity basis;
  • Increasing the energy efficiency of office locations and practices.

Spectrum.Life has brought their commitment to achieving Net Carbon Zero to the forefront of how they conduct business by incorporating environmental factors into business decisions, reviewing the existing policy in monthly management meetings, and continually improving and monitoring the company’s environmental performance.

2 sample interventions, implementing a hybrid working policy and prioritising remote counselling have decreased the number of transport journeys by employees and clients by 36,000 and 34,560 respectively. It is estimated that this has offset over 110 metric tons of CO2e.

What are Spectrum.Life’s future plans to achieve Net Zero?

This is not all for Spectrum.Life. They also have pledged to further increase their actions to achieve Net Zero in a number of ways. These steps include continuing to further improve the activities they are already engaging in, as well as committing to report on and review their carbon footprint on an annual basis.