Small & Medium Businesses

Whatever your budget or number of employees, we can customise a wellbeing strategy that suits your
organisation's needs.


Why you need this for your company

A cost-effective solution

A tailored solution to suit your budget no matter what your company size, priced on a cost per employee basis

Wellbeing made simple

Manage your wellbeing programme events all in one place taking the time and effort out of workplace wellbeing

Wellbeing expertise

Work with success managers to consult with and clinical expertise to deliver the best programme

Build a scalable wellbeing programme

Admin portal

Book events, manage your programme and get insights easily through the admin portal

Annual wellbeing calendar

Build a yearly wellbeing calendar to ensure maximum engagement in your programme

Web & mobile apps

Employees can track their progress and learn as they go with our web & mobile apps

Dedicated Success Manager

A dedicated success manager will assist you in achieving your workplace wellbeing goals

The Benefits for the Employer

  • Create a wellbeing programme akin to enterprise level businesses at a fraction of the cost
  • Save time when planning onsite events and wellbeing services by booking all of your providers in one place
  • A scalable solution that can grow as your company grows
  • Enhance employee loyalty with an engaging and creative workplace wellbeing programme