Wellbeing for Enterprise Businesses

A scalable wellbeing solution that reflects your organisation's culture and values.


Why you need this for your company

A consistent, scalable cross-market wellbeing solution

Manage, measure and share best practice with all stakeholders across multiple markets in your organisation

An in-house specialist from Spectrum.Life

Our Health Promotion Officers will consult with your teams and staff to deliver the best informed wellbeing outcomes

Integration and Connectability with your business

Easily synchronise our software with all of your current organisation providers and partners

Build a scalable wellbeing programme

Wellbeing strategy

Professionally devised workplace wellbeing strategy for long-term focus

Wellbeing brand

Our branding and design team can create an effective brand for your programme

Health Promotion Officer

You have the option to have a health promotion officer managing your strategy onsite

Dedicated Success Manager

You'll have a wellbeing success manager to ensure you're getting the most from your programme

Admin portal

Easily implement and monitor your programme using your admin portal

Web & mobile apps

Employees can track progress and learn online with our web and mobile apps


Give employees access to 24/7 mental health support via phone or live chat

Annual wellbeing calendar

Work with your success manager or HPO to plan a year of onsite wellbeing events

The Benefits for the Employer

  • Enhance your employer brand and workplace culture with a comprehensive and adaptable workplace wellbeing programme
  • Optimise your wellbeing and culture budget with the support of in-house specialists and insightful data to deliver real ROI
  • Guaranteed clinical standards, so you can be assured that employees are getting the most valuable wellbeing experience possible
  • Work with an established team of Wellbeing Success Managers and Health Promotion Officers to optimise engagement