Sleep for employees.

Over time, deficient sleep can lead to poor performance, mental health issues and chronic health problems. Prevent the problem as part of your workplace wellbeing programme.

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Sleep events available.

Choose between our group seminars or one-to-one consultations delivered by our insured, qualified and vetted sleep experts.

Sleep health seminars.

Use the Spectrum.Life marketplace to arrange a seminar delivered by one of our sleep technicians. Choose from a series of topics to suit employee needs, from "The Dark Side of the Blue Light" to "Sleep Tips for Business Travel". Employees will earn some invaluable knowledge to help them improve their sleep while also being granted the opportunity to ask a qualified expert any questions they may have.
Each seminar is 1 hour long.

From: £360

Sleep health consultations.

Provide a more personalised experience for employees by arranging a sleep health clinic for the workplace. Employees can book a 30-minute consultation with a sleep technician to gain professional advice. As sleep is one of the main pillars of both physical and mental wellbeing, this could prove to be an invaluable addition to your programme.
Consultations available for up to 14 employees per day.

From: £650