Digital Clinics

Provide access to your employees with a wide range of wellbeing specialists such as Physiotherapists, Parenting Specialists, Qualified Financial Advisors, Personal Trainers and Dietitians, within 48 hours.

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Digital Wellbeing Solutions

Digital Wellbeing Series

A year round series of weekly, wellbeing seminars focused on topical themes. Delivered from our 4G digital studio by our health and wellbeing presenter who is joined by a variety of expert guests.

Digital Gym

A weekly schedule of live and on demand fitness classes, delivered by experts who will demonstrate a safe and maintainable way to tackle fitness at home.

Digital Clinics

Access to Video sessions with Physio’s, Nutritionists, Parent Coaches, Sleep Coaching, Ergonomic Specialists and more.

Convenient. remote access

Clinically Robust

Compliant with best practices

Cost effective, long term support

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Digital Health & Wellbeing Solutions

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    Wellbeing Series

    Get access to fantastic weekly live streamed webinars from our 4K Wellbeing Studio. Each week contains a new topic delivered by an engaging host featuring a range of experts on that topic.

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    Digital Gym

    With over 20 class types and 80 Live Streams per month, our Digital Gym has been extremely popular with employees who enjoy the variety of classes, expert delivery and convenience of being able to attend a class live when scheduled or access the same class at a time that suits them.

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    Digital Clinics

    Give your employees access to a range of Health Experts right in their Health and Wellbeing Platform. Book sessions with Physios, Nutritionists, Parenting Coaches, Remote Working Experts and Ergonomic Specialists.

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wellbeing series
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For Employers

  • Peace of mind knowing that your employees’ wellbeing needs are supported if they continue to work remotely.
  • Strengthen workplace wellbeing and improve the overall atmosphere and culture where you work.
  • Enable vital 1-1 opportunities to access a variety of wellbeing experts from home or on the move.
  • Show employees that they are valued, and attract top talent with innovative wellbeing calendar of events and fitness.

Discover how Digital Clinics can help your employees