Case Study- Implementing wellness into dynamic workplaces using technology

How The Irish Aviation Authority used technology to adapt workplace wellness to their dynamic work environment.

Company Overview

The Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) has responsibility for the management of Irish airspace. They are also the regulator for the Irish civil industry and have oversight of all aviation security for Ireland. IAA have six sites throughout Ireland, employing close to 1000 people in a wide variety of roles. Many employees are working in high-pressure environments, including airspace control centres. These employees are normally not desk-based and work beyond the typical 9-5 shift.

This case study highlights how Spectrum.Life continues to help The Irish Aviation Authority implement a successful wellness programme in a dynamic and high-pressure work environment across multiple-sites with many employees working varied shifts.

Wellness challenges faced in a dynamic work environment

The biggest challenge faced by the Irish Aviation authority is making wellbeing inclusive of all employees, across all six sites and all role-types.
As a dynamic work environment, not all members of staff are working at a desk or are following a 9 to 5 schedule. With many employees working in control towers, it’s also important for IAA and Spectrum.Life to recognise that many employees are under a significant amount of pressure. It has been important for IAA to implement a workplace wellness programme that is accessible 24/7, at home and at work.

“Spectrum.Life is unique in that it provides us with a 24-hour, 365 platform through the app. This allows our staff to be able to engage with Workplace Wellbeing on their own time.” – Claire O’Donoghue, Senior Aviation Executive, Human Resources Directorate, Irish Aviation Authority.

How Spectrum.Life helped - combining onsite wellness with a technology-driven experience

Spectrum.Life has been working with The Irish Aviation Authority since 2017, providing wellness to all 6 sites, including their Dublin HQ, Dublin Airport and Shannon Control Tower. Each year, both organisations work together to develop a calendar of wellness activities. These include seminars, webinars, health screening, eLearning, mental health first responders course and more. It is always a top priority to ensure that wellness is accessible by all employees. Including wellbeing services both online and onsite means that regardless of work environment, role capacity or working hours, all employees can be engaged. Giving employees exclusive access to the comprehensive Spectrum.Life health & wellbeing app means employees can access hours of content tailored towards their goals. They are also motivated to engage in their programmes through rewards incentives, with each activity on the app earning them wellness points.

“The more you enable people through technology to live their lives in a better way, the more engaged they will be in the programme.” — Claire O’Donoghue

This unique technology ensures that inclusivity is being achieved across all sites, ensuring that all employees are getting the support and information they need to achieve their personal wellness goals. Onsite wellness very much has its place on IAA’s Workplace Wellbeing agenda. Using the Spectrum.Life platform, IAA book and manage a number of wellness activities tailored to each site, with the help of their dedicated wellness success manager. The platform has also been used to manage and communicate wellness activities through the platform’s messaging feature, ensuring that all employees are informed about the activities and initiatives relevant to them.

Due to the nature of the organisation, Mental health is a very important component of their plan. It is important that IAA members are equipped with the skills and knowledge to cope in stressful situations and to manage their mental wellness in a healthy and effective way. As such, mental health seminars covering resilience, mindfulness and positive thinking have been an important aspect of the plan, as has the Stress Buster webinar series, which gave employees access to informative content when they could not attend onsite events.

Workplace Wellbeing Services used by IAA

  • Digital Wellbeing
  • Onsite Massage
  • Mental Health Seminars
  • Weight Loss Programme
  • Mental Health First Responders Training
  • Physiotherapy
  • Health Screening


With the support of their wellness success manager, The Irish Aviation Authority has successfully utilised technology to actively engage employees in a dynamic and high-pressure work environment. Spectrum.Life’s software has enabled employees in varying roles, working wide-ranging shifts, in multiple locations to be engaged and benefit from a company-wide wellbeing programme. It has also created an atmosphere of inclusivity through easy communication and at-a-click access to hours of wellbeing content.

  • The IAA was awarded the Irish Business & Employee Confederation (IBEC) KeepWell Mark  as a result of the implemented programme.
  • Onsite Health & Wellness events were attended by 70% of employees in 2018
  • Health screenings have an average attendance rate of 78% of all employees.
  • 100 employees working in a dynamic environment attended stress webinars in December 2018

Claire O’Donoghue, Senior Aviation Executive, HR Directorate at IAA has said that it is impossible to manage a programme, or your own wellbeing, if you do not know the areas that need improvement. She says that Spectrum.Life helps address this for both employees and employers.

“If you don’t know where you’re falling down in terms of company wellbeing, or your individual wellbeing, how can you improve? The Spectrum.Life platform and app provide the mechanism to understand and know where you need to improve. It makes achieving wellness goals possible.” – Claire O’Donoghue

Future plans for wellness in the IAA

The Irish Aviation Authority plan to use Spectrum.Life to further integrate dynamic workers into the workplace wellbeing programme. The benefits and rewards will encourage employees to pay daily mind to their nutritional intake and physical activity, which will lend enormously to wellbeing with IAA. The hope is to make wellbeing tantamount to being an Irish Aviation Authority Employee. This can be achieved by maintaining the standards already set, and continuing to make wellness accessible and inclusive through the application of technology.

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